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DOCOMO Beijing Communications Laboratories Co., Ltd

DOCOMO Beijing Communications Laboratories Co., Ltd. is wholly-owned by NTT DOCOMO, which was founded in Nov. 2003 in Beijing, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. In order to promote scientific and technological innovations within NTT DOCOMO, experts from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines work together and contribute to plenty of innovative research activities. Our team focuses on radio transmission and system control technologies for next generation mobile communication system, and contributions to global standardizations of future mobile communication systems. The overall purpose of our foundation is to establish closer connections between our two countries in the fields of mobile communication technologies.
DOCOMO Beijing Labs has been working on LTE, IMT-Advanced, and beyond, developing system control technology and serving to achieve NTT DOCOMO's ultimate purpose: “an integrated service company placing mobile at the core.”
DOCOMO Beijing Labs currently consists of the Innovative Radio Transmissions Lab, Advanced Wireless System Lab, and Mobile Ubiquitous Communications Lab. The Innovative Radio Transmissions Lab is focusing on multi-dimensional wireless access technologies and which can systematically integrate both cellular and ubiquitous networks. Advanced Wireless System Lab aims to realize the 1000 capacity enhancement from three dimensions. Cooperative communication/enhanced MIMO improve the capacity from the spectrum domain, heterogeneous network with interference coordination enables the feasibility from network density, while radio resource/carrier aggregation and mobility management realize the expansion from frequency domain. The Mobile Ubiquitous Communications Lab is giving us a glimpse of the enticing future of mobile communications. It is not only developing new and innovative technologies but also pioneering new services and business models. There are plenty of new opportunities and challenges for mobile ubiquitous communications and we are well prepared.
DOCOMO Beijing Labs has taken on the responsibility and mission of NTT DOCOMO as its own. We have met with brilliant success with our research on 4G mobile communications, been producing a wealth of high quality international conference papers, over 100 journal articles, and submitting dozens of proposals to the 3GPP International Conference on Standardization.


China has the largest number of mobile phone subscribers in the world and its status will increase in significance. This provides us with a clear direction and nearly unlimited opportunity for development. DOCOMO Beijing Labs was founded to establish a stronger partnership with China and to open up a new era of communications.

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