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Research Content

  • Next Generation Radio Access

The research targets at new radio access techniques and radio access network architectures, such as non-orthogonal radio access, channel coding,  heterogeneous network, relay and distributed antenna system, cognitive and cooperative technologies, advanced interference cancellation, and cross-layered signal processing are under investigation. We hope to discover new dimensions of wireless communications and develop revolutionary radio access schemes to open up new vistas for future wireless communication system.

  • Key Technologies R&D for TDD System
The significant progress of TD-LTE and its further enhancement in China as well as worldwide strongly promotes the R&D activities of TDD system. The study of TDD key technologies include spectrum planning, antenna calibration and beamforming, multi-cell coordination, MIMO enhancement, carrier aggregation, dynamic downlink/uplink allocation, low-complexity transceiver design with SDR implementation, etc.
  • TDD and FDD Harmonization
High commonality between TDD and FDD in state of the art radio access technology and flexible spectrum allocation for TDD motivate worldwide carriers to introduce TDD systems. Coexistence of two different duplex system deployed in adjacent spectrum band is also a key research field to fully utilize limited spectrum resource more efficiently. Our target is to realize such harmonization by means of sophisticated radio resource management, and advanced signal processing.
  • CoMP/ enhanced MIMO
Our researches focus on further increase of system spectral efficiency and cell-edge performance of mobile communication systems, so as to support more UEs and meanwhile, improve the UE experience. Our main research covers coordinated multipoint transmission (including coordinated scheduling, coordinated beamforming and joint processing) and enhanced MIMO (e.g., 3D MIMO, etc.). The main research topics include UE feedback, scheduling, precoding, reference signal and control signaling design, etc.
  • Small cell management, ePDCCH design
Our researches focus on significantly improving mobile user experience in future radio access network, including extremely high peak data rate and low latency. We mainly investigate the carrier aggregation and load balancing between small cell(s) and macro cell, high speed transmission techniques in small cell and mobility management in co-existence of small cell(s) and macro cell. The research topics include control signaling design, component carrier  management and mobility management.
  • Mobile Ubiquitous Service
Our researches focus on innovative service and business model enabling with mobile, internet and ubiquitous. The key topics include: value-added mobile operator network and opening capability, mobile network and terminal collaboration and intelligence, mobile and broadcast convergence, Internet-of-Things and Internet-of-Cars, user experience enhancement and so on.
  • Mobile Ubiquitous Network
Our researches focus on advanced network architecture and key technologies integrating with mobile, internet and ubiquitous. The key topics include: Mobile radio network and core network evolution, emerging new types of heterogeneous network (like Femto, Relay, Mobile Router, D2D, etc.), advanced network coding technique and its applications, and so on.


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